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The Delaware Valley Miata club exists to serve the regional Miata community and its membership by organizing activities focused around the Mazda Miata.

Winter 2016

If past years are any indication, 2017 will be a fun, event-filled year. The colder weather over the next few months gives us time to do maintenance on our roasters and look forward to the return of top-down weather. While the bulk of events are during warmer weather, there are things happening before that.

One way for current and potential members to spend time with each other are “Meet and Eats.” As a replacement for summer’s Ice Cream Nights, they are just as they sound. Members meet at restaurant for food and conversation. The restaurant locations and days will vary to give as many members a chance to participate as possible. Check the home page or click on the Events tab to see the monthly locations.

The annual picnic will be held Sunday, May 7 at the Mercer County Park in West Windsor, New Jersey. The DelVal home page will have more information closer to the event.

Miata Fest started as a special event to mark the 25th anniversary of the Miata two years ago and has become an annual event. It’s a weekend getaway to celebrate the love of the Miata and enjoy the company of friends and fellow club members and will be during the fall at a location to be determined. If you think you are interested in attending, check the home page for information several months ahead of time.

Interspersed with the bigger annual events, there will be plenty of localized runs in the DelVal membership area. They will be posted on the home page in advance. If you have an idea for a run or would like to learn how to put one together, please contact the club president at

If you want to show your Del-Val spirit, consider the online Del-Val Merchandise Store. You can order whatever merchandise you want in any color adorned with the club logo. Visit to view the selection.

We hope to see you at one of the 2017 events or celebrations. If you are interested in participating in a run or the club, or have a question about an upcoming event, please

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